Monday, August 11, 2014

Steps To Make Outlook Emails Load Faster

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferred email applications for users across the globe. This is because of the array of advanced options and features this application provides for its users. Some of these include a calendar, journals as well as task manager options. These allow the users to remember the important dates as well as schedule the appointments in their professional life. Hence, Outlook is considered to be an essential application for business professionals.

Along with being an excellent email application, Microsoft Outlook also serves to be an advanced personal information manager for the users. Outlook stores the personal information of the users in specific folders known as personal storage tables or .PST files. Similarly, the contact information of the users is stored in Outlook address book. Although this application works as a charm most of the times, sometimes certain issues do pop up in Outlook especially while sending an email in Outlook. In certain cases, the emails may take a lot of time to load up.

In such cases, you should first close down all the other programs running in your computer. For this, you can press CTRL + ALT + DEL keys in your keyboard simultaneously followed by the Processes tab. Now, you need to delete all other unwanted processes except for Outlook.exe. This will make your computer to run Outlook faster.

Before sending an email in Outlook, you should also try archiving and deleting old emails. This is because usually most of us simply keep a lot of unwanted emails in our inbox that consume a lot of space. For this, you should wait until Outlook has fully loaded and then you can check your inbox. Now, go through all the unwanted emails and delete them one by one. According to the Outlook tech support team, the Outlook users should first load up the Junk Emails folder and then delete the emails.

Deleting such unwanted emails can definitely speed up your Outlook application. Along with this, you can also use registry cleaners to speed up Outlook. The benefit of using such registry cleaners is that these have the advanced options to scan the entire settings as well as program files in your computer and also detect the errors.

So, next time you face issues while sending an email in Outlook, you can use these methods instead of calling up and seeking assistance from the Outlook tech support team.

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