Thursday, November 29, 2012

Advantages of Windows 7 64 bit version over 32 bit version

It’s clear that, 64 bit processing has a lot of advantages over 32 bit processors. But still, the number of 64 bit Windows 7 users is very less compared to the 32 bit version users. The 64 bit processors have advantages like extended address space, capacity increase and bigger number of general-purpose registers, etc. over the 32 bit processors. 64 bit processors are able to handle more amounts of data and can cover large disk area compared to the 32 bit processors. Windows 7 tech support websites recommends 64 bit version over 32 bit versions in case of performance.
From the architecture name itself we can see that 32 bit architecture is half of the 64 bit architecture. When it comes to high end performance, Windows 7 64 bit outruns the 34 bit one. A 64 bit processor can store 264 values where as 32 bit structure can store only 232 values.

Application Shortage

The number of applications working in 64 bit architecture is very less. It’s true that 64 bit architecture supports most of the 32 bit applications, but the purpose of the 64 bit architecture becomes useless with those applications. The applications like AutoCAD, video and audio studio editors, Scientific and Research Applications etc works best in 64 architecture platforms. That’s why professionals with specificity always go for the 64 bit Windows.


The 64 bit architecture has a lot of advantages over the 32 bit architecture. The simplest one is the RAM usage. When 32 bit architecture came into role, the common RAM memory was 128 MB. 32 bit architecture supports to a maximum of 4 GB RAM and so it was irrelevant at the time. But now things have changed a lot. RAM up to 64 GB is used in high end Custom PC’s. Windows 7 32 bit can only utilize a maximum of 3.2 GB. So what happens when you install a 32 bit Windows 7 in a High end PC is that, most of the resources in the PC stay untouched. On the other hand, Windows 7 64 bit can utilize all the system resources to the maximum extent.
Windows 7 64 bit can process more data at a time and RAM speed is also better. The storage area covered in 64 bit is very high and so it removes the sluggish data transfer seen in Windows 7 32 bit.
For more details on 64 bit Windows 7 version, navigate to any Windows 7 support forums or websites.

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