Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tips to Authorize Windows XP PRO SP2

Tech giant Microsoft introduced the activation system to prevent piracy of the Windows operating systems. Introduction of this system reduced copying of the Windows to a level. This system was developed by Microsoft in such a way that; a single copy of Windows operating systems can only be installed to a few limited computers. Activating this copy of Windows will ensure that it’s valid and authorized. Windows XP tech support team developed certain instructions to aid through the activation process in Windows XP pro SP2. It only requires an internet connection and a legal product key to see through the activation process in Windows XP pro SP2.
Follow these steps to see through the Activation process in your Windows XP pro SP2
Bring on the Start menu by clicking on the “Start” Button located in the bottom left corner of your desktop. Now go to the “All programs” tab in the menu that crops up. From the “All programs” tab opt out “Accessories” and choose “System tools”.
Go for the “Activation Windows” tab from the system tools Window.
Now tick on the tab named as “Yes, let’s activate Windows over the internet now” and hang around.
Now check on the box named as “Read the Windows Product Activation Privacy Statement” button and choose the “Back” tab in the other screen. In order to continue the activation process hit on the “Next” button in the following screen.
This system is having options to finalize the installation of the Windows operating systems without registering the product. So if you want to just activate the Windows now and register it later then go for the option “No, I don’t want to register now; let’s just activate Windows”.
Now click on the “Next” button to ensure that the whole process of activation is completed by establishing a connection with Windows XP activation server. Click on the “OK” button to finish of the activation process of your Windows XP pro SP2.
These steps might be a bit confusing for users with poor computer knowledge. Microsoft has developed Windows XP tech support team to help these people. Users facing such difficulties can bow contact Microsoft tech support team via internet and telephone. Technical assistants now provide support in fixing issues via remote desktop assistance.

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