Monday, February 24, 2014

Upgrading To Windows 8 Operating System

One of the misconceptions present among amateur computer users is that you need to have a touch screen display for running Windows 8 operating system. It is completely a false notion that Windows 8 needs touch screen display, as you can work the Windows 8 operating system on a non-touch display also. However, it is best to use the operating system on touch displays. If you are wondering how to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, or why you should upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, read on to find some of the features of the latest operating system from Microsoft.

One of the best features that make the operating system a league apart among its competitors is the fast boot time of the operating system. Windows 8 is the operating system that boots fastest, which means that it starts up fast; in a matter of seconds after pressing the Power On button.

Another feature that makes the Windows 8 operating system popular is the improved support for multiple monitors. With the Windows 8 operating system, you will get more efficiency and viewing experience while using multiple monitors when compared with Windows 7. Windows 8 operating system allows you to have personalized desktops on each screen. It also helps in improving the efficiency of accessing apps spread across different monitors. One of the important problems with the Windows 7 operating system was its issues with the taskbar and it is fixed in the Windows 8 operating system.

Another main issue in multi-monitor Windows 7 system was that the Start menu was present only in one of the monitors and this lead to some confusion for some users. However, with the introduction of the Windows 8 operating system, users will be able to access Start, Charms and Clock on all monitors. The system also allows you to have the Metro style user interface and desktop style user interface side by side on different devices.

How to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system is not at all your primary concern now, as you will be pretty sure about upgrading to Windows 8 operating system with all the advanced features. Now your concern will be from where you will be able to get the operating system and how to use it efficiently. If you would like to know more about the Windows 8, feel free to visit the Windows 8 official web page.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Steps To Add Gmail To Windows Live Messenger

In Windows Live, users are required to create a new email address if they want to sign up for the email service. But while using Windows Live Messenger, you do not require such credentials. This is an instant messaging application developed by Microsoft, compatible with Windows, Blackberry OS and iOS. It enables users to contact with their family and friends via text, voice, as well as video chats. According to the Windows Live support, you can access the messenger service with any email address sign into the Windows Live Messenger service.

You can try the following instructions to add your Gmail to Windows Live Messenger for chatting.
  • In the first step, you need to go to the Windows Live sign-in page at and click on the Sign Up button.
  • You need to click on the Check Availability button, followed by the option Or use your own email address beneath it. Here, enter your Gmail email address in the Email Address box. Now, enter the required details in the spaces provided.
  • In the next step, enter the verification letters in the box and click on the I Accept button, to agree to the Microsoft service agreement.
  • Now, go to the sign-in page for your Google Gmail account and sign up by entering your user name and password in the box, and clicking Sign in. Check and open the verification email from Windows.
  • Now, you need to verify your account by clicking on the verification link in the email, followed by OK on the Your Email Address is Verified page. At any point of time, you can also seek assistance from the technicians at the Windows Live support.
  • In the next step, you need to click the Messenger button and then on the Add Friends option. This would enable you to add your contacts' email addresses to your Windows Live Messenger account.
  • In Windows Messenger, you can also identify friends who are already signed onto Windows Live Messenger. A green dot would be present next to a contact's name in the Messenger list, near the top of the site. You just need to click on the specific contact's name to start chatting via the chat window.
These steps would help you to add your Gmail account to Windows live Messenger for chatting. For more information, you can always contact our 24x7 technical support team.

Monday, February 17, 2014

How To Export Outlook Express Data

The Outlook Express email client is the predecessor of the MS Outlook email client. Outlook Express is a default email application available in all PCs running the Windows XP operating system. If you decide to upgrade your email client top the at least full version of MS Outlook, you should probably think of a way to transfer all your emails and data to the MS Outlook application. Without this you will have to start from scratch on your new MS Outlook account, a task which can be very annoying and tiresome. Is it not better to have all your existing information available on your MS Outlook account? Well this article contains a few guidelines that can ease the transfer process and have MS Outlook up and running in no time.

  • Launch the Outlook Express program on your system.
  • In the Outlook Express window, go to File in the top menu bar, then access to the Export submenu, and click on the Messages option.
  • Confirm your decision by clicking on the OK button. Now you will be able to export any mail data that you had saved using the Outlook Express application.
  • Now select the Outlook Express email folders that you would like to export. If you wish to export all your Outlook Express data then just click on the All Folders radio button. Alternatively highlight all the individual folders that appear in the pop-up window.
  • To start exporting your Outlook Express files click on OK.
  • You will be asked for your authentication for the export process. The details that you need to provide are your outlook user name and password. Soon you will be able to see all the data saved in Outlook Express appear in the Outlook mailbox.
If you face any issues with the exporting process the best place to get Outlook Express help is from our customer support site. Our top notch professionals provide excellent Outlook Express help to address all your troublesome issues.

MS Outlook is an excellent email client application which can also help you manage your day. Tools and utilities like calendar, notes, journals, tasks and appointments can be help you run your day efficiently. Outlook also has excellent tools that help you sort through your mails easily. You can also add multiple email accounts on your Outlook platform, which makes sorting all your emails a few steps easier.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Windows 8.1 Operating System Pricing Announced

Microsoft recently announced the pricing of their new Windows 8 operating system, and revealed that those who already have the Windows 8 OS will receive the update free of charge. Windows 8 users will be provided with the new code free of charge, but those who do not own licenses of the Window 8 OS, have to shell out money. Pricing for the Windows 8.1 Basic edition is set at $119.99, while the Windows 8.1 Pro edition will cost $199.99. It is important to note that the new code for Windows 8.1 is for the full operating system, and cannot be used as an upgrade from a previously installed Windows OS. This is huge shift from the way the Redmond-based company typically operates, where Microsoft would give away upgrades and standalone System Builder copies.

As noted in a blog post made by the company, Microsoft implies that getting a full version software avoids forcing users who already owned a prior copy of Windows on their machines. The new OS, the company states, allows more flexibility in deployment, particularly useful for large organizations that install it onto several hundred machines. As Windows typically has only two SKUs – Regular and Pro edition – the deployment is simplified.

Microsoft revealed why they chose to sell separate fresh copies of the operating system instead of selling regular upgrades. It was simple “feedback”. Such new moves are atypical of Microsoft, and it seems that company is adopting a more customer friendly approach. This is especially helpful for the company, as its sales have seen a decline in the past few years, in a market dominated by Google Android and Apple’s OSs. Apparently planning to continue such a simple sales structure in the years to come, the company stated that these changes are beneficial to running Windows 8.1 in virtual environments.

Those who need help with Windows 8 can contact the Windows support team for solutions. The expert professionals at Windows support deploy excellent solutions while providing simple and friendly customer services. As a reminder, it is important to note that the new Windows 8.1 OS may not run as smoothly as intended, if you still use older hardware on the systems.

The arrival of the Windows 8.1 OS is a huge relief for many Windows 8 users who thought they had a lapse in judgment, purchasing the Windows 8 OS. The Windows 8 OS had bombed at the market, but the new upgrade equipped with new tools might help rekindle sales for Microsoft.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Different Tools To Fix Outlook Corruption

Most professionals and many of the home users make use of email clients to setup their emails in the program and download emails to the computer. One such email client that has millions of users around the world is Microsoft’s Outlook. This email client comes as one of the programs with Microsoft Office Suite, which is one of the premium business applications package in the market.

Outlook email program stores the emails, contacts, calendar and other account settings in the file called PST file. This file is created when you install the program in your computer. The entire Outlook data is saved in the PST file once you setup email in Outlook and in course of time, the size of the file becomes larger. Your Outlook program would work smoothly when the size of this PST file is small. However, when the size of the file goes up, Outlook starts to become unstable. This can give you many troubles and your Outlook program may fail to start.

So, how can you fix the issues with a corrupted PST file? Microsoft provides a tool with the Outlook program called Outlook repair tool. You can find this tool in your Outlook folder by the name scanpst.exe. When you launch this tool and locate the PST file, the tool starts to scan the file and checks for the errors.  Even though this is a great tool, it can help you out only if the corruption with the PST tool is small. Therefore, another tool, which you can use to fix the corruption issues with Outlook, is the OST or PST crop tool. This tool, as the name suggests, help the user to reduce the size of the PST file.

By reducing the size of the pst file to less than 2 GB, the user can open the Outlook program without errors and work on them. However, there is a small drawback associated with this tool. Even though the tool cuts down the size of the pst file, the users are not aware of the files that are removed from the program. This is a cause of concern as you may lose valuable files from the program.

If you do not have important files or documents saved in the Outlook program, you may go for the PST crop tool. However, if you do not wish to use this tool, you may use Advanced Outlook Repair tool. You may install this program and repair Outlook without losing data in the program. For additional assistance to setup email in Outlook or Outlook repair, you may contact our technical support team.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Steps To Import Contacts From Excel Spreadsheet To Outlook

Microsoft Excel can be termed as a spreadsheet application which comprises of advanced features such as graphical tools and pivot tables. These enable users to organize, store and manipulate data in Excel. A spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel can hold different types of data, such as text, numbers or formulas. Sometimes, you would like to import the contacts that you have stored in Excel to Microsoft Outlook, for emailing. Instead of manually re-typing these contacts, you can import all of them together to Outlook. If you face issues regarding this, you can always seek help with Outlook tech support.

You can also try the following instructions to import contacts from Excel spreadsheet to Outlook, before contacting technical support.
  • In the first step, ensure that you have a header row in your Microsoft Excel Sheet. Now, if the full contact name is in one cell, you need to break the name into separate cells.
  • Once you enter the name, you need to highlight the entire full name column. Now, go ahead to Data, Text and then to Columns, which would bring up the wizard.
  • Now, go to the Original data type option and select delimited. Then, click the box next to SPACE. Now you will see an option asking how you want it to be formatted. Here, click on the TEXT option.
  • Now, the wizard would ask you if you want to replace the destination cells, so you if you have already inserted the columns, click on Yes.
  • Now, again open the Microsoft Excel sheet, and highlight all the data that you want to import into Outlook. In the next step, you should click on Insert, Name followed by Define, and then Save the Excel file and exit. Meanwhile, if you have any queries, you can also call the technical support number to get help with Outlook issues.
  • In the next step, you need to import the contact information in Outlook. For this, you need to click on the option File, Import/Export, followed by Import from another program or file, and then Excel.
  • Now, you can check the Define mapped fields option to start the import of your contacts to Microsoft Outlook.
These steps would help you to successfully import contacts from an Excel spreadsheet to Microsoft Outlook. To get more information on Excel, feel free to contact our technical support team.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Get Rid Of Your Recent Searches In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications available. We depend on the same for sending and receiving email messages. Other than that, we also use it to maintain calendars, manage schedules, prepare address books, assign tasks and others. As you are aware, to search for something in Outlook, you may type the keyword in the search bar, which will help us find out what you were looking for. But if you had already done many searches, all the phrases that you have typed previously would come up. You might wish to get rid of the recent searches made from the search list. If you wish to remove the recent searches, you have to make some changes in the Outlook email setup and especially in the Registry Editor of Windows.

Let us see the instructions.

  • You need to click on Start button on your desktop and click Run. 
  • Now type regedit and select OK button and this will open up the Windows Registry Editor. 
  • You need to select the folder on the top that is labeled HKEY_CURRENT_USER. You need to select the + sign that you find next to the folder and this will expand at once. Move to Software> Microsoft>Office>---.o>Outlook. Here --- is the version of Outlook that you have installed on your system. 
  • From the Registry folder of Outlook, you need to open Contact folder and then the QuickFindMRU folder. Now the registry value should be right clicked and after selecting the same, press Delete and when you receive a prompt to confirm, select OK. 
  • On the Registry folder of Outlook, open Contact folder and then StripSearchMRU folder. Now the registry value should be right clicked and after selecting the same, press Delete and when you receive a prompt to confirm, select OK. 
  • Now in the Outlook Registry folder, open folder Preferences. On the screen labeled LocationMRU, you need to right click the mouse after selecting it and select Delete and confirm the same. 
  • In the Outlook Registry folder, open folder Office Finder. Now the registry value should be right clicked after selecting the label MRU and select the Delete button and confirm the same. If you find MRU3, the same process has to be repeated. 
  • Close the Windows Registry Editor and this will delete the recent searches in Microsoft Outlook. 
By making such changes in the Outlook email setup, you can delete your search results in Outlook.