Monday, March 31, 2014

Microsoft Recovering From Outlook Outage

The webmail service form Microsoft has been suffering from serious outages that have lasted for more than seven hours. This outage has added to the frustration of the customers. The issue started at 10 AM ET and affected the, the People address book of Outlook mail service, and the cloud storage service of Microsoft that is referred to as SkyDrive. The issues related to SkyDrive were resolved after four hours and Microsoft now says that, after seven hours of these Outlook problems, they have found a solution to the problem.

The Microsoft engineering team has brought most of the services back online as per a recent status message. The rest of the services that have issues with them are being gradually brought up. Microsoft warns the Outlook users that the mobile access to the still has some issues. The mobile users will be still having problems synchronizing. This recent outage seems to be widespread and sporadic among the users. Some of the users had no issues, but later ran into Outlook problems and outages at the later stage of the Outage.

This problem comes just after Microsoft boasted about the 400 million users of the service, and just six months after suffered from sixteen hours long issues, which was caused by a firmware upgrade at the datacenter of Microsoft. It is not yet clear if the overheating of the datacenters is involved in this latest outage. Many of the technical websites are trying to reach out to Microsoft to know and confirm the root cause of the issue. Microsoft had blamed this outage as an unexplained incident. They said that only a smaller number of the users were affected by the issue, but they did not provide further details on the outage.

Even though only small portions of the users were affected, the outage caused inconvenience to millions of users. Microsoft had transferred all the users of its other web emails, including the and to Outlook, as part of their attempt to outshine Yahoo mail and Gmail from Google. Microsoft does not have the details on the cause of the outage, but a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that they have restored web access to all users. He also added that the Microsoft engineering team is working to restore full mobile access to the users as quickly as possible. If you wish to know more on this outage, you can contact our tech support team.

Know The Features Of The Office Configuration Analyzer Tool

Off late, several users have been complaining about the issues faced in the Microsoft Office programs. According to the Microsoft tech support, the users were experiencing issues with almost all the applications of the Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc. It’s here that the OffCAT or Office Configuration Analyzer Tool comes into the picture. This advanced application provides a detailed report of the installed Office programs of the users.

The best known features of the OffCAT are that it can scan through all the versions of Office i.e. from 2007 to 2013. By scanning through these, it can give a detailed report about the missing updates, tricky add-ins and also some the common system problems that can lead to issues in Microsoft Office. As stated by the Microsoft technical support, many users called in to say that the OffCAT had detected issues in the Office suite of applications installed in their system. Some of the commonly found issues were the occurrence of hyperlinks and registry entries in Microsoft Outlook. These were found to slow down the email application and in some cases even caused the program to crash.

Another advantage of using this Office Configuration Analyzer Tool to check the Outlook issues is that it contains links to Microsoft’s support articles. This means that if you have encountered an issue in any of the Office application installed in your computer, you can have OffCAT scan it. Once scanned, you would be informed about the existing issue and would be provided with links, listed in the report. 

These links would redirect you to a public-facing article, which is usually a Microsoft Knowledge Base article, wherein you would get assistance regarding the problem. Hence, it would be relatively easier for you to get information about the possible fixes. This would also save you from contacting the Microsoft tech support time and again to seek assistance on fixing your problem. Now, if you are a Helpdesk professional, you can also save the report to a file to view the same in the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool on another client on which the tool is installed. This would help you to fix the issue easily.

This means that whether you are a technical professional or an ordinary Windows user, the OffCAT would be extremely handy for you. To know more about this amazing Office repair tool, please contact our technical support team.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Which Is The Better Choice- OS X Mavericks Or Windows 8.1?

Tech companies always try to revolutionize and expand their product range so that their products remain as the top sellers. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft are in the race to make their operating systems the preferred choice among users. These companies often provide updates, introduce new features to their operating systems, and even introduce newer versions of their operating systems. 

OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1

Apple launched OS X Mavericks on October 22 and Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 on October 21. What users should thoroughly know is that the OS X Mavericks is a brand new release while Windows 8.1 is only an update to the slow seller Windows 8. Windows 8.1 is a completely free update for Windows 8 users. However, users running other Windows versions require spending money to avail Windows 8.1. On the other hand, OS X Mavericks is free for download.

The know how’s of Windows 8.1 and OS X Mavericks

The release of Windows 8.1 was to straighten out the complaints and suggestions concerning Windows 8 OS. Windows 8.1 incorporated the return of the Start button and many several other features that made Windows 8.1 a better package than Windows 8. OS X Mavericks also boasted many changes and enhancements like iCloud Keychain, Notifications and so on. It is to be noted that both the OSs are not head turners and cannot be classified as a huge leap forward. 

The advantage for OS X Mavericks

However, the advantage OS X Mavericks has is that, Windows 8 imparts a very bad reputation among users and reviewers and OS X Mavericks will heavily benefit from it. However, OS X Mavericks has seen many issues concerning its download and few others.

Who will be the winner?

With OS X Mavericks and Windows 8.1 hitting stores around the same time, it might be a difficult competition and to judge the winner may be quite difficult. Going by the trend, Microsoft hopes Windows 8.1 sells like Windows XP and thus regains the triumphant position in the operating system market share. At the same time, Apple aims to benefit from the loss of Windows 8 and thus lead to the success of OS X Mavericks.

Downloading Windows 8 is very easy and it can be performed with ease. Downloading Windows 8 and installing it may consume some time and users will have to wait patiently until the entire process is complete. However, the installation and use of OS X Mavericks is rather complicated.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Upgrading To Windows 8 By Keeping Windows 7, Windows Vista, Or Windows XP Virtual Machine

Windows 8 is the latest operating system by Microsoft and it is an operating system that comes with a large number of features and functions. However, it is possible to create a standalone Windows 8 machine without upgrading to Windows 8, if you possess a Windows Virtual machine. By using an example of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8, given below are some few tips that will help you on how to upgrade to Windows 8 by keeping your Virtual Machine.

Things to note
  • Please contact your local Microsoft office for EULA and restrictions applicable to the products related to Windows.
  • You need to update the build of the parallel desktop to the latest and Windows 7 VM should be rebooted and if necessary, install all the Windows updates. To do that, select the option called Parallels Desktop, then Check for Updates from the menu for Parallels Desktop 8. If an update is available, click it to install.
Duplicating Windows VM
  • Start the process by shutting down your Window VM. Next, you need to find its .pvm file. This can be done by right clicking the Windows VM option from the list of virtual machine and then selecting the option called Show in Finder.
  • Next, in the same folder, you need to make a duplicate of this .pvm file. 
  • The duplicated Windows VM should be renamed. For e.g. try considering giving name like Win_to_8_VM.pvm.
  • To start, you need to double click the copied Windows VM.
  • Finally, select the option called Copied from the next dialog box for Parallels Desktop.
Changing the name of the Virtual machine within Windows
  • To change the name of the Virtual machine within Windows, you need to first open the Control Panel option from the Windows Start menu, then to System in Windows and finally, click the option that is named Change Settings.
  • After that, from the dialog named System Properties, you need to click the button called Change and give a new name to the computer. To complete the name change, you need to reboot the Windows VM.
  • Now, you are all set to upgrade to the latest operating system from Microsoft, i.e. Window 8.
The above said instructions will help you to upgrade to Windows 8 by keeping Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Or Windows XP Virtual Machine. To know more on how to upgrade to windows 8, contact our tech support center.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fixing Issues With Outlook Add-Ons

Microsoft Outlook is much used as an email client by many computer users around the world. Installing third party add-ons to the program can lead to a disproportionately high number of connection issues in it. If you think that third party add-ons are causing Outlook problems, you can follow the steps discussed in this article to fix the issues with the third party add-ons. The easiest way to do this is to start the Outlook program in Safe mode. When the Outlook program is started in Safe mode, all the add-ons will be disabled.

To do this, you will have to shut the Outlook program completely by selecting File-Exit and then pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reach Task Manager. If you find that running the Outlook program in Safe mode fixes the connection issues that you were having, the next step to be done is to restart the Outlook program normally and then disable or remove the installed add-ins. There are mainly two areas where you need to check - Exchange Client Extensions and COM+ Add-ins.

For Outlook 2010

Open the Outlook program and go to File – Options – Add-ins. Click on the Go button that is located at the bottom part of the window.

For Outlook 2007

In the Outlook window, go to Tools– Trust Center – Add-ins. Select COM Add-ins and then click on the Go button.

For Outlook 2003

In Outlook, select Tools –Options, then click on Other tab and click on the Advanced Options button. Click on the button COM Add-Ins that is located at the bottom of the screen.

You will reach a window that shows you the list of Add-ons installed in the program. You can start by disabling everything except Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging, Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service, Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server Colleague Import Add-in and Microsoft VBA for Outlook Add-in. You may then click on the OK button.

After that,

In Outlook 2010, you do not have to do any steps.

In Outlook 2007, go to Tools– Trust Center – Add-ins, choose Exchange Client Extensions and then click on the Go button.

In Outlook 2003, select Tools –Options, click on Other tab and then Advanced Options button. Then click on Add-In Manager.

These are the steps to resolve Outlook problems that are caused by the add-ons in the program. If you have any more doubts, you can contact our tech support team for further help.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Adding Third Party Email Service Accounts In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is designed to act as the email client for any email service, even the third party ones set up in your organisation. The setup is very easy if you are using the email service from well known webmail service providers like Gmail and Yahoo. However, in the case of the email network setup in the organisation, you would have to use the manual setup option in Outlook.

How to setup email in Outlook manually

For the popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, etc the Outlook email setup wizard can establish connection with the online mail server and get the details. This would be done using the automatic email setup function in Outlook, which would require you give just the account address, user name, password, etc for your account.

Most organisations have their own email network for security reasons. For setting up these accounts in MS Outlook, you need to use the manual account setup option and enter the details for the incoming and outgoing addresses and other details manually.

For example, if you are a student or faculty member at the University of Florida, you are eligible to create an email account in the University’s GatorLink email service. The details about how to setup email in Outlook for the GatorLink email service, would be mentioned at the GatorLink home page online.

After gathering the necessary information for setting up the GatorLink account, open your Outlook mail client. Go to the Tools menu and click on the Account Settings option. There under the Email tab, click New. This would launch the email setup wizard in Outlook. Select the Manually configure the server settings option, and click Next.

Now, select Internet Email as the type of service for which you are adding the account and click Next. Now, you would a lot of text fields for entering the information for setting up the account. Type in your username, password, email address, etc as well as the information you obtained from the GatorLink webpage for the incoming and outgoing server addresses, the port numbers, the security and encryption settings, etc. Only if you enter these details correctly would the Outlook client be able to establish a connection with the GatorLink mail server.

The steps are the same for setting up any other third party email service accounts in MS Outlook. Just make sure that you have all the information regarding the server settings correctly, before you start the email setup.

Solving Outlook 2007 Print Issues After Installing Kb2509470

The most popular email client employed by millions of people worldwide is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is embedded with many features, making it one of the most preferred application. However, like other apps, Microsoft Outlook also faces different Outlook problems while working with it. Mostly, you will see an error message called Microsoft Outlook cannot start when you try to work with Outlook. Moreover, the users also face print issues with Outlook 2007.

To solve the print issues, the tech giant Microsoft released a hotfix known as KB2512788. By downloading and installing this hotfix manually, it is possible to solve the print issues with Outlook very easily. A similar solution for this is also being offered through the updates coming through Microsoft Update.

In most cases, after installing the hotfix named KB2509470, the users experienced printing issues and also faced problems while previewing messages. The users also received error message like ‘There is a problem with the selected printer’, ‘You might need to reinstall this printer’, ‘Try again, or use a different printer’ or ‘You cannot start Outlook’. However, for plain text messages, this error is preceded by an error labeled ‘Outlook has encountered a problem’. You will not be able to undo this action once it is completed. Do you want to continue? When this error message comes, Outlook will start taking more CPU than normal.

Solving tip 1
  • If Outlook is open, close it. 
  • Find OutlPrn and provide a new name called .old. Now the current print settings will be reset. 
  • For Windows XP users it will be, C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook\ and for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, it will be, 
  • C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\ 
  • Once completed, restart your Microsoft Outlook application once again and now you will see no issue with printing. 
However, there is a problem associated with this, you can take a print or a preview for one picture only. To print next, you need to repeat the whole process again. Restarting Outlook is sufficient in most cases and as long as you do not use the Print Preview function, you can print.

Solving tip 2

Saving the file as a txt file or an htm file is another solution available for solving this issue. After saving the file in any one of this format, you can easily print. Outlook Support team is continuously working on this problem to get a fixed solution.

To know more on Microsoft Outlook cannot start issues, contact the Outlook support team.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Microsoft Joins Hands With Acando To Launch An IT Initiative For Students

Over the years, Microsoft has shown some interest in engaging in various activities for different social causes. A few months ago, they decided to join hands with Acando GmbH to support students who are looking to start a career in IT. Acando GmbH is a reputed management and IT consultancy firm.

The collaborative programme will help students develop their IT skills such as software developing and programming. Microsoft believes that moulding the young talents today would be a great investment for IT innovations tomorrow. The collaborative event is called ‘Showtime: Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Practice’. The event was held at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences on December 12, 2013. More seminars and workshops would soon follow.

Acando GmbH has collaborated with Microsoft in the development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Moreover, it has been encouraging students, who take special interest in Microsoft support technologies with their projects and IT education. During the past 10 years, Acando has held several conferences for students who have done project works on Microsoft technologies. This led to the idea of co-operation for knowledge transfer. The Redmond based software giant was ready to come on board, resulting in Showtime: Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Practice.

More about the ‘Showtime: Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Practice’ event

The core aims of ‘Showtime: Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Practice’ are to provide students with CRM projects, to instil technological knowledge in students and to offer relevant IT courses via Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance program. Microsoft plans to offer the program to about 50 business informatics students initially. The number of students who can avail the program will be extended in the coming years. Acando GmbH Team Manager Tim Bardenhagen said in a statement, "Career entry is possible either by developing individual business solutions or in project management."

In the wake of Microsoft’s decision to offer students IT oriented programs in collaboration with Acando, several firms in various parts of the world have expressed their interest in collaborating with such Microsoft support programs. Let us hope that the Redmond based software giant would come up with more such programmes in other parts of the world in the future.

Hope you found the information provided in this article useful. For more information, visit the official website of Microsoft corporation or Acando GmbH online.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Windows Update Cleanup Utility Add-On Released For Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft has released several operating systems for computer users and the most popular operating system that it ever released is Windows 7. The main reason for its popularity is because of the user-friendly features and functions offered by the Window 7 to the users. Even today, majority of the computer market share is dominated by Windows 7.

However, with years of using the Windows 7 operating system, you may experience some problems where you will find that the hard disk space of your Windows 7 system will slowly disappear and you will be in a position where you will not have any idea about the reasons for it. Microsoft is releasing various updates for all its software and applications. Moreover, while you update, the replaced files will be backed up in a separate back up directory. This will help you to move back to the old setting when needed.

Installing the needed updates released by Microsoft for the Microsoft applications will help to run your machine with full efficiency and there will be no problems associated with low disk space. Previously, computer users used to delete old update directories to free up the disk space. However, this is not the best way to do it since the deletion of some important files and folders will result in rollback issues or update uninstallation.

Recently, a new add-on for Windows 7 computers running SP1 has been released by Microsoft and installing this add-on will help you to install the standard Windows 7 Disk Cleanup wizard maintenance utility. This utility when installed in your Windows 7 computer will help to use another option called Windows Update Clean Up.

However, there are a couple of things that you should take care of,
  • It is not possible to roll back to a superseded update, once you do the clean up.
  • To use the option called Windows Update Cleanup, Administrator permission is necessary.
From the initial Disk Cleanup Screen, you have to select the option called Clean Up System Files to make the new choice that is shown in the delete file list.

Is it effective?

Many users who have installed this add-on are satisfied and are able to save much free space. Working of large applications requires enough free disk space and the use of this add-on will help you save considerable amount of disk space in your Windows 7 computer. Both x86 and x64 OS versions can download this utility. To know more about it, contact the Windows 7 help center. Windows 7 help team will be available 24*7 to clear all your doubts.

Monday, March 17, 2014

How To Fix Outlook’s Database

MS Outlook is an email client program designed by Microsoft for professionals and individuals alike. The program allows you to connect with friends and colleagues, and has many tools for performing email operations. But this application also offers personal management tools that help manage your daily affairs. These tools include calendars, notes, journals, appointments and tasks, which help you work efficiently. You can also configure other email accounts to your Outlook account, so that you access and sort through your mails under one platform.

All the information in MS outlook is stored in the Personal Storage table or PST files. If these PST files get corrupted then you will have trouble accessing your emails or any other features for that matter. Managing the contact database is a very import function of the MS Outlook program. If something happens to this database, Outlook has a built in tool that can fix the issues. It called the scanPST tool which can fix your corrupted database within a few minutes.

Instructions to repair Microsoft Outlook’s database
  • First make sure that you exit from the MS Outlook application. Click on the Windows logo button which will open the Start menu in the desktop. On the right column you will notice an option called Control Panel. Select Control Panel to open the Control Panel window.
  • Now click on Appearance and Personalization, followed by Folder options. Select the View tab and click on the click on the Show Hidden Files and Folders option. You will find this option under the Advanced Settings section. Select OK and let the changes be saved. Exit from the Control Panel.
  • Again select the Windows logo button and access the Search field. Type in ScanPST.exe and click OK. Now click on the Browse option to locate your PST file. If your computer runs on the Windows 7 operating system then you can find this file in the location specified by Local Disk C:\(your username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • Double click on the ScanPST.exe and click on the Start option. The inbox Repair Tools scan the PST file and displays all the errors that were found. Now click on OK to commence repairing the files.
This will help complete your Outlook repair and you can access your Outlook application as soon as you are done. If you have any trouble with your Outlook repair contact the Outlook help desk team for professional support. Outlook help desk is a dedicated support service for getting rid of all your Outlook problems.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Tweaks In Windows Phone Update 3

Windows Phone 8 is about to get a new update, which includes support for 5 to 7 inch “phablet”-sized smartphone displays, and comes packed with faster and more powerful processors. In addition Microsoft also promises many minor tweaks and improvements to the device’s design. This is an attempt by the Redmond-based company to regain its glory in the operating system industry, where it lost prominence ever since the uprising of platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The new Windows Phone Update is deemed to give stiff competition to other contenders, and may soon become one of the dominant platforms in the world.

This new update called the Windows Phone Update 3, will allow more tiles to get displayed on larger screens, and more information can be displayed alongside other Window Phone 8’s interactive apps and first party apps. Most significantly the apps that would get the most affected by these new tweaks would include Camera and Contacts. In addition, support for 1080p Full HD smartphone display resolutions is sure to boost the popularity of these devices. Earlier Windows Phone handsets were not enabled for this feature, which became as a huge drawback, and did not push forward the sales of the phones.

But display and aesthetic appearance are not the only improvements one can expect to see in the latest update. The upcoming update also has support fort Qualcom’s newest Snapdragon 800 quad-core processors, which is available in heavyweights like Sony’s Xperia Z1 phones. Most of the other updates however are still associated with visuals styles and minor modifications to ringtones and storage management.

Microsoft has also emphasized on the new Driving Mode feature which activates once the handset is paired to a Bluetooth device like car stereos and hands-free headphones and speakerphones. One of the cool features of this addition is the ability to send automatic reply messages and disable any sort of notifications for incoming calls an texts.

Overall the update seems to be a big hit because of the minor tweaks that have been applied to virtually every setting in the phone. This also includes one-touch Wi-Fi hotspot mode to sync the phone quickly with a Windows 8.1 powered PC or laptop. Other additions include accessibility improvements like screen reader, that makes the phone extremely user friendly for people who are suffering from visual impairments. Anyone who is registered in the Developer Preview Program can get their hands on the new Windows Phone 8 Update 3. In a couple weeks these phones will become available to the public and this will continue for many months.

If you have any issues with your current Windows Phone you can always contacts Windows support number for advice. Know more about features and improvements from Windows support number officials. This phone could be what Microsoft needs to become one of the lead players in the industry.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Resetting A Wireless Network Password

A wireless network allows many systems to connect to a hosted network. This feature allows people on the network to share files and data faster. Gamers especially get a great advantage from setting up a wireless network – they can play multiplayer games through this a network and not resort to single player mode. However one must excise caution when setting up a wireless network. Such a network without security encryption can often be infiltrated, which can affect both the network-hosting system and other systems that are connected to the network.

The Windows Vista operating system allows users to set a security key or password to protect their network from unauthorized access. In addition to this, other security measures managed by the router, especially firewall and the default security protocols, can help beef up security. Visa is very handy when it comes to configuring wireless networking. It is easy to both set up and protect your network, and all that needs is a few clicks. You can also reset or change the network password, often referred to as the WEP key. However to configure this setting, you must be updated in the connection entry for the network. Fortunately Vista has all the right tools to get this done quickly and without any hassles. The following instructions outline how to reset the password on your wireless network through a Windows Vista machine.

Instructions to reset password for wireless network in Windows Vista:
  • Click on the Windows Start orb that you find on the lower left corner of the desktop. This will open the Start menu. Select Network in the right pane of the appearing Start menu.
  • In the top taskbar you will notice a link labeled Network Center.
  • To edit select the wireless network entry. A desktop will display a dialog box named Wireless Network Connection.
  • Select the tab labeled Security.
  • In the input box labeled Network Security Key type in your new password. If prompted retype the network security key.
  • Click on the OK button. The new password will be automatically updated in Vista with the new password.
Make sure that you do not make the network access without security, as intruders can access the account without verification. If you face any issues with your wireless network, look for solutions with in the Windows Vista help section. For more Windows Vista help, contact out customer care representative for easy solutions to all your network problems.

Is It A Need For Small Businesses To Upgrade To Windows 8.1?

The eminently expected Windows 8 upgrade by the name Windows 8.1 has been formally disclosed by the Redmond software giant, Microsoft. The question that pops up is whether the upgrade has to be performed for small businesses and what are the advantages of performing the upgrade to Windows 8.1. Is it beneficial or will it turn out to be unnecessary?

A free upgrade

Well since it is a completely free upgrade, it is always a wise choice to perform the upgrade. A lot of improvements have been made and a couple of new additions have been bundled with the Windows 8.1. Since such a wide range of changes have been implemented and since the upgrade is totally free, one should definitely go for it.

What’s new with the Windows 8.1?

The feature list that is with the Windows 8.1 and can be used to the fullest are the ability to snap applications and perform a variety of live tile customizations. SkyDrive integration has seen a handful improvement and the documents can be easily accessed without the rise of any difficulty.

An improved search

The search has been greatly tweaked. Searching in the Windows 8 seemed to be a hindering task for the users. However, with the Windows 8.1, search has been all the more easier. What this means is that it is much easier to search for the essential files and get the fruitful results. This skyrockets productivity to a large extent and thus is priceless to the company.

The Internet Explorer 11

The Windows store has the feature for the automatic app updates. What this means is that the system is much better guarded. For browsing needs of small businesses, the latest addition to the Windows 8.1 is the arrival of the Internet Explorer 11. A speedy and lively browsing experience can be enjoyed with the Internet Explorer 11. Greatly enhanced pop up blocking is also made available.

The reappearance of the Start button

Small business users may be disheartened with the loss of the Start button in the Windows 8. Come to the Windows 8.1, and the appearance of the Start button is ought to satisfy users.

If you require efficient and professional tips on how to upgrade to Windows 8 latest upgrade- the Windows 8.1, you may contact our customer support center. The best tips and professional guidance can be availed on how to upgrade to Windows 8 latest upgrade- Windows 8.1.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Setting Cable One Email In Windows Live Mail

Cable ONE is company providing cable service in United States and one of the features of the company is that they provide users email accounts when they take up a connection. Here we discuss how a user can configure their Cable ONE email account in the Windows Live mail application.

  • The first thing you should do to setup Cable ONE email in Windows Live mail is to enable IMAP settings in the Cable One email settings. 
  • Now go to the left bottom corner of the screen and then click on the Start menu button found in the screen and then click on the All Programs tab. 
  • In the list of programs that appear on screen, look for the Windows Live Mail option in the list and click on it when found for launching the program. 
  • In the top left side of the application, you will be able to see a dark blue colored menu button, click on it.
  • Click on the Options tab from the drop down menu and then click on the Email Accounts option found in the sub options. 
  • Click on the Add button located at the top right corner of the window and then select the option named Email Account from the list populated and click on the Next button to continue. 
  • In the page that appears on the screen, enter the complete Cable ONE email address, password for logging in to the email account and a display name to be set for sent emails. 
  • For setting server settings manually, Windows live support advises to click on the check box found next to the option Manually configure server settings and then click on the Next button. 
  • In the page that appears, set the type of server as IMAP and the Port number as 993, also do not forget to put a check mark in the box found next to the option Requires a secure connection (SSL). 
  • In the field named Logon user name, type in the complete email address of your Cable ONE email account. 
  • In the Outgoing server settings field, set the port number as 465 and put a check mark in the boxes found next to the options Requires a secure connection (SSL) and Requires authentication. 
  • Click on the Next button after entering all the details and then click on the Finish button to complete the setting process. 
If you follow the simple instructions given above from the Windows Live support team, you will be able to configure an email account in the Windows Live mail program with ease.