Monday, August 19, 2013

The Three Ways Of Streamed Line Search In Windows 7

Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft Corp. comes with an improved search feature. If you have misplaced your important files, folders or programs, you can easily find them with the help of the streamlined Search feature in Windows 7 operating system. According to our Windows 7 support team, you can conduct the search operation by means of three ways. These three methods have been discussed below. The instructions given below will guide you through the search process.

Start Menu

  • Firstly, you need to click on the Windows Start button that is located on the left side bottom corner of your computer screen. This will open up the list of Start menu options on your computer screen.
  • Now, you need to click on the icon that is named as Search from the list of options and type in the name of the file, program or folder that you want to search for into the text field there. The Search field is a white box that says Search programs and files in gray lettering.
  • When you type in your query, search results will automatically be populated on the left side of the Start menu.
  • Next up, you need to double-click the on the program, folder or file you want to open from the list of search results.
Search Window

  • Hold down the Windows logo key and the F key on your computer keyboard. Doing so will open up the Search Results program window on your computer screen.
  • Following which you need to enter your search query into the blank white box in the upper-right corner of the program window. This will automatically display the Search results in the white box that is located in the lower half of the window as you type.
  • Now, when you find your search result, you need to double-click on it to open it.
In-Folder Search

  • Go to a specific folder. There will be a white Search box located at the upper-right corner of the folder window.
  • After that, you need to type in your search query into the Search box. Any files or folders in the lower half of the folder window disappear and are replaced by search results. You need to double-click on a result to open it.

For any further information on this, please do get in touch with our Windows 7 support team.

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