Monday, March 25, 2013

Screen Size Adjust Options In Windows Vista

Windows Vista was released by Microsoft in the advent of 2007. The operating system was meant to be the replacement for the previous Windows XP operating system. The operating system was specifically designed for use in laptops, desktops and a tablet PCs. Windows Vista can be incorporated for both home and professional requirements. However, the new operating system failed to gain the recognition of the Windows users. Vista had many security and license related problems that forced majority of the users stick on to the previous version. The Windows Vista operating system was released with many new features like Windows Aero, Windows Shell, graphical interface etc. You need to modify the Resolution settings in order to adjust the size of the screen. This article will help you with the same. Read on.

What is resolution?

Before letting you know about the instructions to alter the screen size, I would like to make you aware of what resolution means. Resolution is the ratio of the pixels to the square inch area of your screen. The quality of the image gets improved with the increase in the number of pixels. However, an inverse proportionally exists between the size of the image and the number of pixels, ie when the number of pixel increases the size of the image decreases.
Windows Help to adjust the Vista screen size
Here are the instructions to adjust the screen size.
Load your system and wait for the desktop to appear on the screen.
Right-click on the desktop to load a drop down menu. Locate the Personalize option that appears in the menu and then click on it.
Now you may select the Display Settings. This will load the Display settings window on your screen. Locate the slide-bar displayed on the Display settings window. Move the indicator in order to alter the resolution or size of the screen.
As you make the modification, the size of the screen also gets changed automatically.
If you are comfortable with the newly selected size, select the Apply tab. Now, you have altered the resolution of your screen.
A prompt message will appear on your screen asking you to confirm the modifications. If you like to stick on to the new modifications, click on the Yes tab, or else select No and make the necessary changes.
These are the instructions to adjust the screen size of Windows Vista operating system. Contact the Windows Help team for further clarifications about the same.

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