Friday, September 20, 2013

Blending Images To The Background In PowerPoint

Almost all the computer users may have used the PowerPoint program at least once in their life. Students use this program very frequently to create PowerPoint presentations. This is the preferred slide show program for most of the offices that use Windows. You can use this program to create everything from informational slides to sales presentations. The presentation can be dynamic or static. The key to a successful slideshow is the appearance of the slides. Take care not to make the slides over stuffed or empty. This will make the presentation unappealing. It is always easy to work with slides when there is an attractive background. The steps to blend animated backgrounds for PowerPoint are discussed below.

Instructions To Create Animated Backgrounds For PowerPoint

Open the PowerPoint program and insert the images into the program. This is the same as you insert a picture in any Microsoft Office application. This can be done by copying and pasting or by using the insert function. Once the images are loaded in the slide, you may you may adjust them to the proper location where you want to keep them. You may now add text and any other objects in the slide around these images. Make the necessary changes and adjustments to the images so that the slide looks neat and aesthetically pleasing.
Use another program to create your background. Using multiple images in the same slide can be very difficult in PowerPoint. This is especially difficult when you want these images in all the slides. You may use programs like Microsoft Publisher or any other program of your choice to create the background images. After creating the background, save it in JPEG format. This file can be added to the PowerPoint program to use it as the background image. The advantage of following this method is that you can save the background image as a single file.
You may make use of the default templates in PowerPoint. You can find these default templates already stored in your computer. If you do not want to use these templates, you may download more templates from Microsoft. These are already made to be compatible with PowerPoint program and they give a professional look to the slides.
These are the steps involved to use images as backgrounds in the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

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