Monday, September 30, 2013

Disabling Programs On Windows

You might have installed a few programs on your computer that you no longer require, and be facing problems uninstalling them. Uninstalling a program requires the program to have all its files present. You should also be sure that the files of the program haven’t become corrupt. You might have removed some program, but it still shows errors messages when you turn on your computer. Some don’t get completely uninstalled, and show errors every time the computer starts.
To counter these applications starting up by themselves you can disable them from running when the computer starts, or you can just disable them when they run and cause errors. Microsoft Windows has some built in features that allow you to disable programs from automatically starting. Windows uses the System configuration utility for achieving this task. Windows is also capable of stopping processes that have been already started on your computer. Microsoft support has detailed help regarding how to make use of the Task Manager to handle this.
You can use the Task Manager to kill a process that has already been started. To get to the task manager you can right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager or press the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys simultaneously. This launches the Task Manager. In the Task Manager Windows go to the processes tab and select the process that you want to kill. Once you have selected the process click on End Process to kill the process.
You can prevent the programs from starting automatically on startup.
  • Go to the System configuration utility. Go to the System Configuration Utility by going to the Start Menu and click the Run option. 
  • In the Run utility enter msconfig and press Enter to launch the System Configuration Utility Window. 
  • Go to the Startup tab here. Locate the program that you want to disable. Click the checkbox next to the program that you want to disable. Only programs that have checked boxes will run on startup. 
  • Click on the OK button to apply your changes. You can restart your computer to apply the changes to it. Once your computer has been restarted it would start to reflect all changes that you have made and the applications that you don’t want would no longer start.
I hope these tips helped you solve your problem. If you continue to have any more problems with Windows please contact Microsoft support. They would help you resolve your problem, and give you a good solution for it.

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