Monday, January 20, 2014

Answer Techs Help Solve Queries For A Premium Fee

Microsoft recently released the premium help service without much hype or fanfare. This is in contradiction to their many previous releases, where they’d beat their drums long before the product even started developing. This is quite strange indeed especially considering the immense potential of the premium service. Microsoft has the AnswerDesk at all its growing retail stores, and the service is similar to the Genius Bar at Apple stores. Once could argue that Microsoft gave a less arrogant sounding name as compared to Apple, but then again, Apple always likes to act cocky and supreme, a quality not lost among the Apple users as well. This service comes at a great time, when there are a growing number of online services with ever so annoying commercials about the various online PC tune-up services that these establishments offer.

A Microsoft spokesperson commented o the rather quiet and discreet launch, “Microsoft is always looking for ways to make support easier for customers to access and this is part of that commitment. We have no additional plans to share at this time; stay tuned for more information.”

Rightfully so is not a huge service upgrade, just a service that helps customer to connect with Answer Techs. These Answer Techs are available 24/7 and are aimed at customers seeking help with Microsoft software related problems. This premium service is just a sophisticated and enhanced version of Microsoft help line. Sure there are premium services, but users also get complimentary consultation for their Microsoft related issues.

The Answer Techs are classified by their area of knowledge, and how many issues they have successfully solved in the past. This might be a drawback as new people might have trouble competing against veterans; but let’s see how things progress before we can pass judgment.

The About Us page for the premium service says, "Answer Desk Answer Techs are trained to diagnose and troubleshoot your Microsoft software related issues. Answer Techs are also knowledgeable to train you in Microsoft’s latest software, such as Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010."

However this service is not free of charge neither cheap. The Answer Techs will inspect the entire system for all types of issues like viruses and malware as well as install Microsoft Security Essentials software on the system for $99. The advanced Microsoft help line service also provides an Advanced PC Tune-Up for $99, and provides disk cleanup as well as removal of temporary Internet files. This service might gain more traction however if it were slightly cheaper.

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