Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Does Not Resolve The Windows 8 problems

Microsoft, the software giant, has faced a lot of flak since its Windows 8 Operating System series did not do well as expected. Microsoft, since then, have been developing an update to Windows 8 , that promises to resolve the Windows 8 problems and even enhance the already present features and add some more. This update promises to ‘refine’ the OS. However, after seeing the preview and if it is taken as any indication of what is to come, then unfortunately these changes are not nearly enough to resolve the Windows 8 problems.
The central idea behind the launch of Windows 8 was to bring Microsoft’s flagship operating system into the post-PC era, while continuing to support the traditional PCs. The idea is great, but the situation is not as rosy as it seems. This is because it is very difficult to serve both the camps with the same software.    
The problem is not what Windows 8 wants to achieve that is to introduce a modern touch based interface. However, where it fails is, it totally disregards what the users want. The interface is difficult to absorb, as everything is new. It fails miserably as it did not consider how users might use it.
The new update is probably an attempt to address some of these issues and shortcomings. However, even this update probably leaves a lot to be desired. There are some good features like the users can choose to have their computers to load the traditional desktop interface directly when they turn them on. This is convenient, as you need not pass through the Modern interface first. Windows have also restored the beloved “Start” button.
Windows 8 allowed users to split the screen. The split is between two modern applications; however, only a quarter of the screen will be used for one of them, whereas, other got the rest. This was an inconvenience which will be will be adjusted in the latest update. Moreover, Windows 8.1 users can now see two or more than the two tabbed browser windows in Internet Explorer.
The software giant is seemingly concentrating on boosting the total number quality applications that users can choose from. There are more than 1,00,000 apps in the Windows 8 store. The company announced last month apps like FaceBook, Flipboard and the National Football League, etcetera.
These are welcome, but they do not in any way resolve the basic issues with Windows 8. Even the “Start” button is not what seems it be, as it does not bring  back the old Windows Start menu, just takes users back to the Modern home screen. Therefore, there is no actual practical use for the “Start” button here.

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