Thursday, February 13, 2014

Different Tools To Fix Outlook Corruption

Most professionals and many of the home users make use of email clients to setup their emails in the program and download emails to the computer. One such email client that has millions of users around the world is Microsoft’s Outlook. This email client comes as one of the programs with Microsoft Office Suite, which is one of the premium business applications package in the market.

Outlook email program stores the emails, contacts, calendar and other account settings in the file called PST file. This file is created when you install the program in your computer. The entire Outlook data is saved in the PST file once you setup email in Outlook and in course of time, the size of the file becomes larger. Your Outlook program would work smoothly when the size of this PST file is small. However, when the size of the file goes up, Outlook starts to become unstable. This can give you many troubles and your Outlook program may fail to start.

So, how can you fix the issues with a corrupted PST file? Microsoft provides a tool with the Outlook program called Outlook repair tool. You can find this tool in your Outlook folder by the name scanpst.exe. When you launch this tool and locate the PST file, the tool starts to scan the file and checks for the errors.  Even though this is a great tool, it can help you out only if the corruption with the PST tool is small. Therefore, another tool, which you can use to fix the corruption issues with Outlook, is the OST or PST crop tool. This tool, as the name suggests, help the user to reduce the size of the PST file.

By reducing the size of the pst file to less than 2 GB, the user can open the Outlook program without errors and work on them. However, there is a small drawback associated with this tool. Even though the tool cuts down the size of the pst file, the users are not aware of the files that are removed from the program. This is a cause of concern as you may lose valuable files from the program.

If you do not have important files or documents saved in the Outlook program, you may go for the PST crop tool. However, if you do not wish to use this tool, you may use Advanced Outlook Repair tool. You may install this program and repair Outlook without losing data in the program. For additional assistance to setup email in Outlook or Outlook repair, you may contact our technical support team.

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