Sunday, February 16, 2014

Windows 8.1 Operating System Pricing Announced

Microsoft recently announced the pricing of their new Windows 8 operating system, and revealed that those who already have the Windows 8 OS will receive the update free of charge. Windows 8 users will be provided with the new code free of charge, but those who do not own licenses of the Window 8 OS, have to shell out money. Pricing for the Windows 8.1 Basic edition is set at $119.99, while the Windows 8.1 Pro edition will cost $199.99. It is important to note that the new code for Windows 8.1 is for the full operating system, and cannot be used as an upgrade from a previously installed Windows OS. This is huge shift from the way the Redmond-based company typically operates, where Microsoft would give away upgrades and standalone System Builder copies.

As noted in a blog post made by the company, Microsoft implies that getting a full version software avoids forcing users who already owned a prior copy of Windows on their machines. The new OS, the company states, allows more flexibility in deployment, particularly useful for large organizations that install it onto several hundred machines. As Windows typically has only two SKUs – Regular and Pro edition – the deployment is simplified.

Microsoft revealed why they chose to sell separate fresh copies of the operating system instead of selling regular upgrades. It was simple “feedback”. Such new moves are atypical of Microsoft, and it seems that company is adopting a more customer friendly approach. This is especially helpful for the company, as its sales have seen a decline in the past few years, in a market dominated by Google Android and Apple’s OSs. Apparently planning to continue such a simple sales structure in the years to come, the company stated that these changes are beneficial to running Windows 8.1 in virtual environments.

Those who need help with Windows 8 can contact the Windows support team for solutions. The expert professionals at Windows support deploy excellent solutions while providing simple and friendly customer services. As a reminder, it is important to note that the new Windows 8.1 OS may not run as smoothly as intended, if you still use older hardware on the systems.

The arrival of the Windows 8.1 OS is a huge relief for many Windows 8 users who thought they had a lapse in judgment, purchasing the Windows 8 OS. The Windows 8 OS had bombed at the market, but the new upgrade equipped with new tools might help rekindle sales for Microsoft.

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