Monday, February 24, 2014

Upgrading To Windows 8 Operating System

One of the misconceptions present among amateur computer users is that you need to have a touch screen display for running Windows 8 operating system. It is completely a false notion that Windows 8 needs touch screen display, as you can work the Windows 8 operating system on a non-touch display also. However, it is best to use the operating system on touch displays. If you are wondering how to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, or why you should upgrade to Windows 8 operating system, read on to find some of the features of the latest operating system from Microsoft.

One of the best features that make the operating system a league apart among its competitors is the fast boot time of the operating system. Windows 8 is the operating system that boots fastest, which means that it starts up fast; in a matter of seconds after pressing the Power On button.

Another feature that makes the Windows 8 operating system popular is the improved support for multiple monitors. With the Windows 8 operating system, you will get more efficiency and viewing experience while using multiple monitors when compared with Windows 7. Windows 8 operating system allows you to have personalized desktops on each screen. It also helps in improving the efficiency of accessing apps spread across different monitors. One of the important problems with the Windows 7 operating system was its issues with the taskbar and it is fixed in the Windows 8 operating system.

Another main issue in multi-monitor Windows 7 system was that the Start menu was present only in one of the monitors and this lead to some confusion for some users. However, with the introduction of the Windows 8 operating system, users will be able to access Start, Charms and Clock on all monitors. The system also allows you to have the Metro style user interface and desktop style user interface side by side on different devices.

How to upgrade to Windows 8 operating system is not at all your primary concern now, as you will be pretty sure about upgrading to Windows 8 operating system with all the advanced features. Now your concern will be from where you will be able to get the operating system and how to use it efficiently. If you would like to know more about the Windows 8, feel free to visit the Windows 8 official web page.

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