Thursday, June 12, 2014

How To Correct Orientation Issues Of Video Files Using Windows Movie Maker

Most of you might have shot videos using your cell phone and tried to play it on your PC. However, if you have used the portrait mode to shoot the video, then it could be wrongly oriented when you try to play from your Windows library.

However, according to Windows Live support, this issue can be resolved using the program Windows Live Movie Maker. This tool is available with Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials package. Windows Live Movie Maker is a movie-making tool, which will help you to edit and make movies with a few simple steps. In this post, we will find out how to use this program and correct the orientation issues with the video file in the Library.

Steps Involved

The first step is to install Windows Live Movie Maker program. For this, download the package Windows Live Essentials from Microsoft. Run the setup file, follow the instructions and install it.

Once you install the program on the computer, launch it. Select the button Add videos and photos. Another option is to go to the location of the video file and right click it. Choose the option Open With and then select Windows Live Movie Maker from the list of programs. Another method to add the clip to the program is to simply drag and drop the video file to Movie Maker window.

Once you add the video file to the program, you can find the file in the new project session. You can find two options in the window, which are Rotate left 90 degrees and Rotate right 90 degrees. Choose the option according to the alignment of the video file to correct it. You can view the rotated file in the preview pane of the program.

Once the rotation process is complete, you can export the file in the .WMV format to any location on your computer. For this, choose the button Save movie and select the location. It is advised that you keep the recommended settings for exporting the file for the best results. Once the movie file is exported, you can start playing it. This will open the video in the correct orientation with your default media player.

With the above steps, you can fix the issues associated with wrong video file orientation. For further assistance on video file orientation issues, you may contact Windows Live support or our technical support team.

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