Monday, June 23, 2014

Windows 7 Surpasses 50 Percent Mark In The OS Market

Microsoft, after the release of Windows 8, expected a big boost in terms of revenue from the operating system. However, due to various drawbacks of the operating system and the negative reviews, it could not do well in the market. Microsoft had to release an update or a new operating system for making changes to Windows 8. The software giant decided to release a new operating system with the name Windows 8.1, hoping to make things better. However, a recent study shows that Windows 8.1 too has not helped Microsoft generate a huge revenue. According to the study, Windows 8.1 runs only n 6.35 percent of PCs in the world.

When you take the case of Windows 8.1, the operating system had a market share of 5.88 percent the previous month. It is clear that this share has gone up. However, there have not been a big number of upgrades as expected by Microsoft. Another important figure to take a note of is with Windows XP. The support for this operating system ceased on April 8, 2014. However, there has not been a big drop in the number of Windows XP users as expected by all. The study shows that the number of Windows XP, which had a market share of 26.29 percent last month showed only a slight decrease and stood at 25.27 percent. This means that still a large number of people are working with this outdated operating system. When it comes to Mac OS X 10.9, it runs on 4.15 percent PCs while the free operating system Linux runs on 2.90 percent PCs.

So, which operating system is the winner? The answer is clear, Windows 7. According to Windows 7 help center, the operating system has even crossed the 50 percent mark this month and continues to stay on top of the charts. The market share for this operating system was 49.27 percent last month and the new increase shows that the operating system is still the favorite of a majority of users.

The mainstream support for Windows 7 operating system ends next year. According to Windows 7 help center, Microsoft is also stopping the sales of Windows 7 preinstalled PCs by October this year. All these measures point that Microsoft is getting ready to push Windows 8.1 further. Currently Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 make up 12.64 percent of operating systems in the world. Microsoft is hoping to bring up this figure gradually.

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