Friday, June 6, 2014

Windows XP Still In Use

The most successful operating system that Microsoft has ever released is Windows XP. Even 12 years after the release of this operating system, it still holds a significant share in the existing computer market. However, on April 8, 2014, Microsoft ended the support given to this versatile operating system. Many of the users are still looking for the reasons behind such a decision to end the support given to the Windows XP. From now on, Windows XP users will no longer receive any updates and this will finally results in decline of the efficiency of your Windows XP machine.

In the month of April, Windows XP nearly constituted about 17.16 percent of the desktop usage according to the survey conducted by StatCounter. The numbers were much less when compared to the previous years and back in March; it constituted 18.61 percent, which is far less than 22.75 percent that was reported a year ago. This survey was conducted by another firm called Netmarketshare, which found out that Windows XP desktop operating system usage was at 26.29 percent, which is quite less than the 38.31 percent, reported in the year April 2013.

Even though, both firms used different strategies for the survey, the numbers regarding the Windows XP usage is declining. This decrease in the numbers is actually because of the Microsoft’s decision to end the support for the Windows XP OS and most of the XP users are upgrading their systems to either Windows 8 or Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Rise of Windows 8

Microsoft’s decision to end the support to Windows XP has made a huge impact on the sales of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS and this is what the tech giant was aiming for. According to the reports given by StatCounter, both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS constituted 13.05 and 12.24 percent of market share respectively.  It is the new update of the Windows 8 operating system that boosted the sales last month. This itself gives the indication that, more people are upgrading their existing OS to the new OS and the people who cannot upgrade their PC’s are going for Windows 8 systems.

Now, with boost in sales of the newly released operating system, Microsoft needs to support those users by releasing more and more updates, which will make their systems more effective and useful. To know more regarding moving to Windows 8, contact the Windows support number. The Windows support number helpline will assist you in all matters related to the Windows 8 OS.

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