Thursday, July 31, 2014

Internet Explorer Gets A Temporary Fix It For Its Vulnerability

Microsoft recently discovered technical issues with some versions of the Internet Explorer browser, which can even leave the computer to a major risk. However, after several days of finding the issue, Microsoft has only developed a temporary solution for the same. You can find the update on the Microsoft support page noted as KB2757760.

The issue that is found allows a malware to bypass the security procedure through Flash program, and affect the computer operating system. In another article released, Microsoft stated that the KB2757760 update is a simple fix for the same, and is easier to apply. The update adds the ability to protect the computer system almost instantly, without ceasing the browsing functions, and does not even require a reboot.

Even though the Microsoft Fix It tool such as 50939 and 50938 help in protecting the system from security issues, it is important to install the upcoming security update through the Windows Update Center. Regular updates from Microsoft have the ability to find out the issues in a Windows computer automatically, and fix them before any further harm is done.

However, the fix it tool is in its trial stage and has the ability to execute solutions for over 300 common problems. While you run the update, you will find a number of things to test like system performance, internet connection, and quality of display. Every time you run a fix it tool, an automatic troubleshooter opens, which takes about a minute to complete the task.

Many users have also been using the online version of Microsoft fix it tool, and has been a trend since 2008. This update though, which is available offline, will be a boon to deal with network related issues. Rather than looking for a specific problem online, it becomes much easier when we can fix the issues offline.

The Microsoft fix it tool focuses mainly on Windows XP and Windows Vista, as Windows 7 operating system already have an in-built fix it solution. Windows 7 users can find the Find And Fix Problems tool under Security Systems section in the Control Panel. The software is working well with all the operating systems, with the downloadable version more manageable.

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