Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fixing Issues With Windows Update In XP

It is very essential to enable the Windows update feature in Windows XP. The Windows update downloads and installs the essential updates and patches that are required for the smooth running of the operating system. There is an option to automatically check for updates and download them so that you do not have to manually check each time if an update is present. Performing the Windows update is an easy task and there are no complications in performing the task. By following the below provided Windows XP help guidelines, the Windows update can be done easily without any hassles.

Are you connected?

In order to check and download Windows updates, it is necessary to be connected to the internet. Without being connected to the internet, it is not possible to check and download for the Windows updates.

Reaching the update section

To reach the update section, the system has to be powered on first. When Windows is loaded, click the Start button that is present in the extreme bottom left of the taskbar and the Start menu will pop up. From the menu, choose All Programs and select Windows Update.

Selecting the ‘Scan for updates’ link

When Windows update is selected, the link on the Windows update page appears. Click on the link to scan for all available updates.

Scanning For Available Updates

After performing a scan, a page labeled the Pick Updates To Install will pop up. It will show the current updates that are available for download.

Choosing The Updates

In order to review the updates, the scrollbar has to be made use. The Remove button has to be made use for the updates that you do not require to install.

Installing The Updates

When you choose the Install now option, the updates will be downloaded and installed on your system. After the updates are downloaded and installed, you are required to restart your system.

By following the above-mentioned Windows XP help guidelines, the update process can be run with ease and the updates that you have chosen will be downloaded and installed on your system. If you require any help with the Windows update procedure or have any doubts in following the guidelines, you may visit the Microsoft support website. The Microsoft support website provides the best help tips for performing the Windows update.

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