Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ways To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

You will enjoy working on your system when your PC is up to date and running smoothly and efficiently. While doing your work, you will have no hassles and problems when your PC is fine and free from problems. However, when problems start to creep up with your PC, you will be at the receiving end. Problems such as your PC performing dead slow can affect your work considerably. You will not be able to complete your work in time and you will regret using your system. 

Make Use Of The Ctrl, Alt and Del Keys 

Well, to fix your computer’s problem of slowness, there are certain ways. By tapping the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously, the Task Manager will appear on screen. When you select the Process tab, the running processes will be shown. Also, corresponding to the different applications/programs that are running, the memory usage will be shown. Therefore, you can know which program/application is consuming the most memory and making your computer slow. You can select the required process and choose the End Task option to stop the process and the system will start performing faster. 

Disabling Programs From Loading 

A lot of programs that may be loading at the startup can make your computer slow. In order to speed up your system, you can disable the programs that you do not require loading at the startup. In order to disable the applications, from the Start menu, choose the Run command. In the field provided, enter msconfig, and press the Enter button. Now the System Configuration Utility window will appear and you need to select the Startup tab. This tab shows the different programs that are enabled during startup. You can disable those programs that you do not want and hence those programs will not load at startup and your computer will load faster. 

When your hard disk is filled to the brim, and you do not have much storage space left, your computer will start to slow down. It is necessary to have sufficient amount of free space on your hard disk so that you can ensure the smooth running of the system. To remove unwanted files on your system, you can make use of the CCleaner or Reg Cure Pro and the unwanted files on your system can be easily removed.

By following these techniques, you can easily speed up your system and work with your computer with ease.

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