Thursday, October 31, 2013

Securing Your Outlook With A Password

The Outlook 2007 is an exciting offering from Microsoft, which caters to the needs of home users as well as business professionals. What makes Outlook more interesting is the availability of features such as calendars, journals, address book, contacts, and so on. All these features on the Outlook make time spent on it worthwhile. A very important security feature in Outlook is the ability to secure Outlook with a password. Without the password, your personal folder file cannot be accessed. By following the below provided Outlook tech support guidelines, the Outlook can be secured with a password.

  • Launch the Outlook 2007 and from the different menus that are present on the menu bar, and choose the File menu. Now choose the Data File Management option. In order to protect the personal file folder with a password, choose the personal file folder. Click the Settings button. Choose the Change Password button. Now the Change Password dialog box will appear before you.
  • If you have an old password, you have to enter it. In the New Password field, type in the new password. In the Verify Password field, type in the new password again. Now select OK. The Save This Password In Your Password List option should not be clicked, as access to your password will now be possible, and anyone can get hold of your personal file folder.
  • You have to close the Outlook 2007.
  • Access Outlook 2007, and your personal file folder has to be accessed. The password will be asked in order to gain access. If the password is successfully entered, the access will be granted to the personal file folder. If the password entered is wrong, access will not be granted to the personal file folder.
The new password has to be made a note of, and kept in a safe place, so that no one can get hold of it. If anyone gets access to the password, your personal file folder can be accessed, and your account will be compromised. By following the above-mentioned Outlook tech support guidelines, the Outlook can be secured with a password. If you have any doubts following the guidelines or need additional help, you may visit the Microsoft support website to resolve your doubts and queries. The Microsoft support website provides the best Outlook help required for your needs.

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