Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Microsoft Partners With New Hardware Manufactures For Windows Phone

Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone is struggling to make its presence felt in the smartphone market. Certainly, the software giant has to put great efforts to compete with the two existing smartphone giant OSs Android and iOS. Interestingly, Microsoft has come up with futuristic ideas in the last Mobile Word Congress. They have finally decided to extend partnership deals with other mobile manufactures like Lava (XOLO), ZTE, Lenovo, LG, Longcheer, Karbonn, Foxconn, JSR and Gionee. In the past, Microsoft had said that it would partner only with Nokia to bring out Windows Phone powered smartphones in the market. This decision had cost the company dearly, Windows Help experts said.

Extending partnership with multiple manufactures will take Windows Phone in emerging smartphone market
Microsoft seems to have no doubt about the success of Windows Phone after partnering with top mobile manufacturers. Experts at Microsoft believe that the initial failure Windows Phone experienced, was due to the limited number of devices in the market. There were only a few Windows Phone powered devices in the market. Moreover, customers had no options to choose among different brands as there were only Nokia powered devices. Microsoft has given due attention to this problem and has addressed it by introducing Windows Phone to top mobile manufactures. It is not yet clear whether Samsung, the top brand manufacturing Android powered smartphone devices, will partner with Microsoft in making Windows Phone powered devices.

The current statistics indicate that about 56 percent of the global market share for smartphones is held by 9 hardware companies (Lenovo, Lava (Xolo), LG, Foxconn, JSR, Gionee, ZTE, Karbonn and Longcheer). Apparently this has given Microsoft enough reason in partnering with these firms. We can certainly expect that Windows Phone powered smartphones will make a strong appeal to average users shortly.

Microsoft to partner with Qualcomm

Although Microsoft’s decision to partner with the above mentioned nine hardware companies, what has caught much attention in the tech world is the its decision to partner with Qualcomm. Techies have no doubt that the partnership with Qualcomm will play a crucial role in the future of Windows Phone devices. That Windows Phone can function on the latest Snapdragon 400 and 200 processors of the Qualcomm, is what makes it noteworthy.

The relaxed hardware requirements for Windows Phone and extensive Windows Help options are the two plus points that hardware manufactures see in preferring Windows Phone OS in the emerging market. Microsoft has also paid heed to users’ requests to introduce Dual Sim enabled smartphones.

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