Monday, May 26, 2014

Microsoft Pulls The Plug On Windows XP Support Service

Microsoft Corporation recently pulled the plug on the popular and beloved Windows XP. This is certainly not a surprise since the software giant has been planning to end the Microsoft support services for Windows XP for a long time now. On all previous occasions, they extended the support period when XP users started complaining.

The world’s largest software maker has been providing support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But now, the time is up for XP; this way the software company, as well as its hardware and software partners, can now invest their resources toward supporting more recent technologies, and continue to provide great new experiences. But this entails that technical assistance for Windows XP is no longer existent; this also includes automatic updates that help protect your PC.

The software behemoth has officially ended Microsoft support services for Windows XP. This means that Microsoft will not update any more patches for system vulnerabilities detected within Windows XP. In this case, Windows XP users might be open to new cyber-security risks form hackers who are waiting to exploit this opportunity. It would be targeted more often than ever, and crucial information or data will be at risk.

Windows XP is probably the most successful operating system to have been developed by Microsoft Corporation. Even after the deadline, Windows XP still maintains around percent of the global market. This itself proves the dominance of the OS (Mind you, this is 12 years after its launch). A staggering total of 200 million users are using Windows XP in China alone, where about 70 percent of the country's computers are still running XP.

Officially, the Windows XP has retired, that is true and that cannot be changed. But this does not mean the classic operating system cannot run on personal computers; in fact nothing’s stopping it from functioning the same way. What Microsoft precisely meant was that the company will no longer provide patching services for Windows XP any more after April 8, 2014 and that date has long gone. This means that Windows XP can still run normally on computers, and Microsoft will just stop providing patches for the operating system's vulnerability, thus making using Windows XP risky.

The inevitable fact is that computers still running Windows XP may encounter hidden dangers, which includes Trojans, viruses, or attacks by hackers, if system vulnerabilities are not resolved on time.

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