Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vine Labs Introduce A New Version For Vine App

Of late, the Vine app has become really popular among the smartphone users. Developed by Twitter, this advanced mobile app enables the users to create and post short looping video clips. These have a maximum duration of these clips is around six seconds and the users can then share them in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This app was released only for the Windows Phone and as a result the Android and iOS users could not use the service.

Android and iOS have been ruling the smartphone market, with almost all the users opting for either of these services. These offer a plethora of applications that come as either paid or free. However, the applications those are restricted to just one platform cannot be accessed or used by those running a different OS. However, some of the popular apps on iOS and Android are often ported to their particular platform, making it convenient for users. A call to the Windows support number to know about the availability of a porting option for the Vine app, reveals that now the application comprises of support for saving the video clippings as drafts.

Adding to this, a recent announcement was made that clarified the updation of the Vine app to version 1.1, But the options for porting it across the mobile platforms to use it in other operating systems still haven’t been introduced. As stated by Microsoft support, earlier when the app was launched, it didn’t comprise of features to support drafts, and that forced users to finish up the six-second clip at once. Many users started to feel this as a limitation and even dialed up the Windows support number for assistance. This is because they could not get the pause and play options here. But according to the latest update, the Windows users can now save the videos mid-way through recording, and then resume it from that very spot whenever they get the time later on. This is the major notable update Vine Labs have introduced in the 1.1 version. This app is available for free and the users can easily update it by checking out the Windows Phone Store.

So, now you don’t have to worry about playing the six-second clip at once and can instead opt to pause it and record it later on. For more information regarding the various apps for your Windows Phone, feel free to contact our Windows technical support team.

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