Thursday, April 24, 2014

Displaying Forwarded Email Attachments In Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email applications of all times. Even though it was introduced long back as one of the Office applications, it has been successful enough to occupy the screens of several corporate and business giants. There is no doubt that its user-friendly features have been its highlight and no other email applications that we find today offer the ones offered by Microsoft Outlook. Other than helping us to send and receive email messages, they have been assisting us to manage our contacts, calendars, appointments, schedules, tasks and so on.

While sending email messages, you may even attach few files or folders. These files are sent as attachments and the person on the other end can open the attachment and view the file that you have sent. The files or data that you have sent as attachments will not be opened unless the person on the other end opens the same and hence they will not be displayed due to security reasons.

If some others have sent you emails with attachments, you can definitely follow the below set of instructions for opening the same. Opening an attachment in Microsoft Outlook is not at all difficult. However, there are people who may have doubt regarding the same. If you need help with Outlook, you can either contact the Outlook help team or follow the instructions that are given below.

  • You can open Microsoft Outlook and then open the message with the attachment. You can check for the email in the Inbox or other folders you prefer and check whether the attachment is in the Sent Items folder if you have forwarded the message.
  • When the message opens, you can select the attachment. You will find the picture of a paper, click on it and this will show the attachment. You can easily locate it below the subject line of the email message. When you select it, you will receive options either to open the same or to preview the file.
  • If you wish just to view the message, you can click on Preview File.
  • You can click on the attachment once again, select Open, and this will help you to view the complete attachment.
These are the different steps that you need to follow for opening an attachment in Microsoft Outlook. If you still need help with Outlook, you may contact the Microsoft Outlook support team for assistance.

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