Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Google To End The Support For Its Apps On Vista

As per the Microsoft’s product support policy, every operating system will receive mainstream support for a period of five years and extended support for a period of another five years, making the total support duration ten years. Windows XP is the only operating that received a longer period of support. XP is regarded as the most popular operating system from Microsoft and therefore it received extended support for more than the ten-year period.

What has been making news lately is the support period for Vista. Vista has reached its 7th year. As per the Microsoft’s product support policy, it will receive three more years of extended support. However, Microsoft has not released any updated versions of many of its popular apps like Office suite, IE and the like for Vista. While IE 11 is out already for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, IE 9 is the latest version that Vista users are able to use. Owing to Microsoft’s reluctance to release the latest versions of its default web browser, popular service providers like Google are also not willing to support their popular services. Recently, Google announced that it would not provide support for outdated versions for IE for Google Apps. In effect, it will be like withdrawing all Google based apps and services from Windows Vista operating system.

The users who visited the Microsoft support for Vista page were taken to the product support life cycle page for Vista.

Will changing the web browsers help?

Meanwhile, experts said that a change of the web browser would enable the Windows Vista users get the latest Google Apps. There is no better browser than Google Chrome to run Google Apps. Google has announced that it would offer support for Google Apps for XP and Vista through its Chrome web browser till April 2015.

Although Microsoft has not directly asked the Vista users to move to the latest operating systems, its reluctance to release updates for Vista compatible apps is a sign that it does not want users to stay on Vista. Soon Microsoft support for Vista would come to an end and the users would have to upgrade to Window 7 or Window 8.

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