Sunday, April 6, 2014

Remove The Babylon Adware Toolbar From Your System

A toolbar adds many more functions and options to your web browser. However, you have to be careful when it comes to installing them. Always check whether you are installing a genuine toolbar or a malware application. A genuine toolbar can be very easily installed and removed from the system.

But, a malware toolbar cannot be easily removed from the browser. A good example is the Babylon browser toolbar. Babylon toolbar can be used for text translation and as a dictionary tool. However, it acts as an adware tool for the Babylon website. The homepage settings and your browser search engine options would be changed with some links to the official Babylon website.

How to remove Babylon toolbar from the system

It would not be easy to either remove the Babylon toolbar or change these browser settings back to its default settings. So, your browser would keep taking you to the Babylon website every now and then, interrupting the work you are doing online.

So, how to remove Babylon toolbar from your browser and change its settings back to normal? The Babylon toolbar removal is a rather complicated process, as the toolbar is designed particularly to make the un-installation process difficult. However, you would find a few articles posted in this site that would help you with the Babylon toolbar removal.

To remove an adware or malware toolbar completely from the system, you need to get rid of all its traces from the system. Any small file or registry entry remaining in the system might be enough for the adware toolbar to come back to the browser menu.

A smart idea would be to use a toolbar removal tool to get rid of the Babylon toolbar completely from the system. One of the best adware toolbar removal tools available online is the AdwCleaner from Xplode. This freeware application is designed to detect and remove any adware toolbars you have in your system.

Uninstall the Babylon toolbar add-in from the browser and the toolbar application from the system. Now change browser settings back to default and close the browser. Now run the AdwCleaner you have installed in your system. Press the Search button you see in the application.

It would detect the adware applications in the system as well as the changes these applications have made in the system settings. When the application displays these results, click on the Delete button to remove. That’s it. The Babylon toolbar is now gone for good.

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