Monday, March 31, 2014

Microsoft Recovering From Outlook Outage

The webmail service form Microsoft has been suffering from serious outages that have lasted for more than seven hours. This outage has added to the frustration of the customers. The issue started at 10 AM ET and affected the, the People address book of Outlook mail service, and the cloud storage service of Microsoft that is referred to as SkyDrive. The issues related to SkyDrive were resolved after four hours and Microsoft now says that, after seven hours of these Outlook problems, they have found a solution to the problem.

The Microsoft engineering team has brought most of the services back online as per a recent status message. The rest of the services that have issues with them are being gradually brought up. Microsoft warns the Outlook users that the mobile access to the still has some issues. The mobile users will be still having problems synchronizing. This recent outage seems to be widespread and sporadic among the users. Some of the users had no issues, but later ran into Outlook problems and outages at the later stage of the Outage.

This problem comes just after Microsoft boasted about the 400 million users of the service, and just six months after suffered from sixteen hours long issues, which was caused by a firmware upgrade at the datacenter of Microsoft. It is not yet clear if the overheating of the datacenters is involved in this latest outage. Many of the technical websites are trying to reach out to Microsoft to know and confirm the root cause of the issue. Microsoft had blamed this outage as an unexplained incident. They said that only a smaller number of the users were affected by the issue, but they did not provide further details on the outage.

Even though only small portions of the users were affected, the outage caused inconvenience to millions of users. Microsoft had transferred all the users of its other web emails, including the and to Outlook, as part of their attempt to outshine Yahoo mail and Gmail from Google. Microsoft does not have the details on the cause of the outage, but a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that they have restored web access to all users. He also added that the Microsoft engineering team is working to restore full mobile access to the users as quickly as possible. If you wish to know more on this outage, you can contact our tech support team.

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