Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Tweaks In Windows Phone Update 3

Windows Phone 8 is about to get a new update, which includes support for 5 to 7 inch “phablet”-sized smartphone displays, and comes packed with faster and more powerful processors. In addition Microsoft also promises many minor tweaks and improvements to the device’s design. This is an attempt by the Redmond-based company to regain its glory in the operating system industry, where it lost prominence ever since the uprising of platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The new Windows Phone Update is deemed to give stiff competition to other contenders, and may soon become one of the dominant platforms in the world.

This new update called the Windows Phone Update 3, will allow more tiles to get displayed on larger screens, and more information can be displayed alongside other Window Phone 8’s interactive apps and first party apps. Most significantly the apps that would get the most affected by these new tweaks would include Camera and Contacts. In addition, support for 1080p Full HD smartphone display resolutions is sure to boost the popularity of these devices. Earlier Windows Phone handsets were not enabled for this feature, which became as a huge drawback, and did not push forward the sales of the phones.

But display and aesthetic appearance are not the only improvements one can expect to see in the latest update. The upcoming update also has support fort Qualcom’s newest Snapdragon 800 quad-core processors, which is available in heavyweights like Sony’s Xperia Z1 phones. Most of the other updates however are still associated with visuals styles and minor modifications to ringtones and storage management.

Microsoft has also emphasized on the new Driving Mode feature which activates once the handset is paired to a Bluetooth device like car stereos and hands-free headphones and speakerphones. One of the cool features of this addition is the ability to send automatic reply messages and disable any sort of notifications for incoming calls an texts.

Overall the update seems to be a big hit because of the minor tweaks that have been applied to virtually every setting in the phone. This also includes one-touch Wi-Fi hotspot mode to sync the phone quickly with a Windows 8.1 powered PC or laptop. Other additions include accessibility improvements like screen reader, that makes the phone extremely user friendly for people who are suffering from visual impairments. Anyone who is registered in the Developer Preview Program can get their hands on the new Windows Phone 8 Update 3. In a couple weeks these phones will become available to the public and this will continue for many months.

If you have any issues with your current Windows Phone you can always contacts Windows support number for advice. Know more about features and improvements from Windows support number officials. This phone could be what Microsoft needs to become one of the lead players in the industry.

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