Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Resetting A Wireless Network Password

A wireless network allows many systems to connect to a hosted network. This feature allows people on the network to share files and data faster. Gamers especially get a great advantage from setting up a wireless network – they can play multiplayer games through this a network and not resort to single player mode. However one must excise caution when setting up a wireless network. Such a network without security encryption can often be infiltrated, which can affect both the network-hosting system and other systems that are connected to the network.

The Windows Vista operating system allows users to set a security key or password to protect their network from unauthorized access. In addition to this, other security measures managed by the router, especially firewall and the default security protocols, can help beef up security. Visa is very handy when it comes to configuring wireless networking. It is easy to both set up and protect your network, and all that needs is a few clicks. You can also reset or change the network password, often referred to as the WEP key. However to configure this setting, you must be updated in the connection entry for the network. Fortunately Vista has all the right tools to get this done quickly and without any hassles. The following instructions outline how to reset the password on your wireless network through a Windows Vista machine.

Instructions to reset password for wireless network in Windows Vista:
  • Click on the Windows Start orb that you find on the lower left corner of the desktop. This will open the Start menu. Select Network in the right pane of the appearing Start menu.
  • In the top taskbar you will notice a link labeled Network Center.
  • To edit select the wireless network entry. A desktop will display a dialog box named Wireless Network Connection.
  • Select the tab labeled Security.
  • In the input box labeled Network Security Key type in your new password. If prompted retype the network security key.
  • Click on the OK button. The new password will be automatically updated in Vista with the new password.
Make sure that you do not make the network access without security, as intruders can access the account without verification. If you face any issues with your wireless network, look for solutions with in the Windows Vista help section. For more Windows Vista help, contact out customer care representative for easy solutions to all your network problems.

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