Monday, March 31, 2014

Know The Features Of The Office Configuration Analyzer Tool

Off late, several users have been complaining about the issues faced in the Microsoft Office programs. According to the Microsoft tech support, the users were experiencing issues with almost all the applications of the Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc. It’s here that the OffCAT or Office Configuration Analyzer Tool comes into the picture. This advanced application provides a detailed report of the installed Office programs of the users.

The best known features of the OffCAT are that it can scan through all the versions of Office i.e. from 2007 to 2013. By scanning through these, it can give a detailed report about the missing updates, tricky add-ins and also some the common system problems that can lead to issues in Microsoft Office. As stated by the Microsoft technical support, many users called in to say that the OffCAT had detected issues in the Office suite of applications installed in their system. Some of the commonly found issues were the occurrence of hyperlinks and registry entries in Microsoft Outlook. These were found to slow down the email application and in some cases even caused the program to crash.

Another advantage of using this Office Configuration Analyzer Tool to check the Outlook issues is that it contains links to Microsoft’s support articles. This means that if you have encountered an issue in any of the Office application installed in your computer, you can have OffCAT scan it. Once scanned, you would be informed about the existing issue and would be provided with links, listed in the report. 

These links would redirect you to a public-facing article, which is usually a Microsoft Knowledge Base article, wherein you would get assistance regarding the problem. Hence, it would be relatively easier for you to get information about the possible fixes. This would also save you from contacting the Microsoft tech support time and again to seek assistance on fixing your problem. Now, if you are a Helpdesk professional, you can also save the report to a file to view the same in the Office Configuration Analyzer Tool on another client on which the tool is installed. This would help you to fix the issue easily.

This means that whether you are a technical professional or an ordinary Windows user, the OffCAT would be extremely handy for you. To know more about this amazing Office repair tool, please contact our technical support team.

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