Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is It A Need For Small Businesses To Upgrade To Windows 8.1?

The eminently expected Windows 8 upgrade by the name Windows 8.1 has been formally disclosed by the Redmond software giant, Microsoft. The question that pops up is whether the upgrade has to be performed for small businesses and what are the advantages of performing the upgrade to Windows 8.1. Is it beneficial or will it turn out to be unnecessary?

A free upgrade

Well since it is a completely free upgrade, it is always a wise choice to perform the upgrade. A lot of improvements have been made and a couple of new additions have been bundled with the Windows 8.1. Since such a wide range of changes have been implemented and since the upgrade is totally free, one should definitely go for it.

What’s new with the Windows 8.1?

The feature list that is with the Windows 8.1 and can be used to the fullest are the ability to snap applications and perform a variety of live tile customizations. SkyDrive integration has seen a handful improvement and the documents can be easily accessed without the rise of any difficulty.

An improved search

The search has been greatly tweaked. Searching in the Windows 8 seemed to be a hindering task for the users. However, with the Windows 8.1, search has been all the more easier. What this means is that it is much easier to search for the essential files and get the fruitful results. This skyrockets productivity to a large extent and thus is priceless to the company.

The Internet Explorer 11

The Windows store has the feature for the automatic app updates. What this means is that the system is much better guarded. For browsing needs of small businesses, the latest addition to the Windows 8.1 is the arrival of the Internet Explorer 11. A speedy and lively browsing experience can be enjoyed with the Internet Explorer 11. Greatly enhanced pop up blocking is also made available.

The reappearance of the Start button

Small business users may be disheartened with the loss of the Start button in the Windows 8. Come to the Windows 8.1, and the appearance of the Start button is ought to satisfy users.

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