Thursday, March 27, 2014

Upgrading To Windows 8 By Keeping Windows 7, Windows Vista, Or Windows XP Virtual Machine

Windows 8 is the latest operating system by Microsoft and it is an operating system that comes with a large number of features and functions. However, it is possible to create a standalone Windows 8 machine without upgrading to Windows 8, if you possess a Windows Virtual machine. By using an example of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8, given below are some few tips that will help you on how to upgrade to Windows 8 by keeping your Virtual Machine.

Things to note
  • Please contact your local Microsoft office for EULA and restrictions applicable to the products related to Windows.
  • You need to update the build of the parallel desktop to the latest and Windows 7 VM should be rebooted and if necessary, install all the Windows updates. To do that, select the option called Parallels Desktop, then Check for Updates from the menu for Parallels Desktop 8. If an update is available, click it to install.
Duplicating Windows VM
  • Start the process by shutting down your Window VM. Next, you need to find its .pvm file. This can be done by right clicking the Windows VM option from the list of virtual machine and then selecting the option called Show in Finder.
  • Next, in the same folder, you need to make a duplicate of this .pvm file. 
  • The duplicated Windows VM should be renamed. For e.g. try considering giving name like Win_to_8_VM.pvm.
  • To start, you need to double click the copied Windows VM.
  • Finally, select the option called Copied from the next dialog box for Parallels Desktop.
Changing the name of the Virtual machine within Windows
  • To change the name of the Virtual machine within Windows, you need to first open the Control Panel option from the Windows Start menu, then to System in Windows and finally, click the option that is named Change Settings.
  • After that, from the dialog named System Properties, you need to click the button called Change and give a new name to the computer. To complete the name change, you need to reboot the Windows VM.
  • Now, you are all set to upgrade to the latest operating system from Microsoft, i.e. Window 8.
The above said instructions will help you to upgrade to Windows 8 by keeping Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Or Windows XP Virtual Machine. To know more on how to upgrade to windows 8, contact our tech support center.

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