Monday, March 17, 2014

How To Fix Outlook’s Database

MS Outlook is an email client program designed by Microsoft for professionals and individuals alike. The program allows you to connect with friends and colleagues, and has many tools for performing email operations. But this application also offers personal management tools that help manage your daily affairs. These tools include calendars, notes, journals, appointments and tasks, which help you work efficiently. You can also configure other email accounts to your Outlook account, so that you access and sort through your mails under one platform.

All the information in MS outlook is stored in the Personal Storage table or PST files. If these PST files get corrupted then you will have trouble accessing your emails or any other features for that matter. Managing the contact database is a very import function of the MS Outlook program. If something happens to this database, Outlook has a built in tool that can fix the issues. It called the scanPST tool which can fix your corrupted database within a few minutes.

Instructions to repair Microsoft Outlook’s database
  • First make sure that you exit from the MS Outlook application. Click on the Windows logo button which will open the Start menu in the desktop. On the right column you will notice an option called Control Panel. Select Control Panel to open the Control Panel window.
  • Now click on Appearance and Personalization, followed by Folder options. Select the View tab and click on the click on the Show Hidden Files and Folders option. You will find this option under the Advanced Settings section. Select OK and let the changes be saved. Exit from the Control Panel.
  • Again select the Windows logo button and access the Search field. Type in ScanPST.exe and click OK. Now click on the Browse option to locate your PST file. If your computer runs on the Windows 7 operating system then you can find this file in the location specified by Local Disk C:\(your username)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook.
  • Double click on the ScanPST.exe and click on the Start option. The inbox Repair Tools scan the PST file and displays all the errors that were found. Now click on OK to commence repairing the files.
This will help complete your Outlook repair and you can access your Outlook application as soon as you are done. If you have any trouble with your Outlook repair contact the Outlook help desk team for professional support. Outlook help desk is a dedicated support service for getting rid of all your Outlook problems.

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